Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Corporate Image for Falkirk

We have decided to go for a "Corporate" look for our upcoming visit to Falkirk show in May-
Dave wanted pink,Paul wanted Blue,and I wanted Black,so we (I!!) got this lovely Geranium Red colour!!!!

Get your sunglasses at the ready,if you see us at Falkirk,come and talk to us.
This is a very rare photo of me,johnc aka william


  1. They look very smart, although a tad bright.
    Thanks Robbie.

  2. What a "Bonny Lad" The selection process was outstanding every one gets a choice no one gets what they want!! If I had been able to go I would have sided with Dave and have gone for Pink.

  3. Well i think it looks quite Pink anyway! thanks for the support Brian! Looking forward to catching up with you soon!