Monday, 23 March 2015

Dave's Painting update.

Last night Dave brought some newly painted "stuff" for us to see,the figures involved are a combination of many manufacturers,such as Crusader,Firing Line,Connoisseur,Foremost and Elite,see what you think(I think they're fantastic!)

Bavarian command figure with Kettle drummer to go with his Marlburian Bavarian cavalry.

Norman/Spanish knights to go with our "El Cid" set-up.

Napoleonics now-Mamalukes of the Guard-superb!!

More Napoleonics-Neapolitans this time-Commander and Lancer.

Murat and cronies-full of movement,great stuff Dave.

Last,but by no means least,Dave has been "Basing" some 7YW figs. for Paul-very nice!!
I am quite envious of Dave's painting-you would think that after 44 years of wargaming and painting,that I could manage a better finished article than I produce!!!-Well done Dave,can't wait to get them on the board.These figures are a mixture of Front Line and Crusader.