Monday, 28 September 2015

Battle of Karnak(again) 1200BC

There's something fascinating about the Ancient Egyptian era,our battles are fast and furious,with a dash of colour and unpredictability-well,last night's battle certainly was!
Graham and I were in charge of the Pa'Arasites(!) whilst Brian,helped for a short while, by Dave,took command of the Egyptians.

The scenario and table before any movement-Brian was in a"comfortable" position with his right on the village of Karnak,his centre on the ridge and his chariots and good infantry on the open plain to the left.
I gave Graham the "honour" of attacking the village and ridge,whilst I attacked the Egyptian chariots and infantry with my chariots and infantry-simple,but it worked out fine,eventually!!

The game started with the chariots of both sides rushing forward and delivering volley after volley of arrows at each other-superb stuff! I was out-numbered ,and combine that with Dave's great dice throwing, the situation was not looking good for my light chariots,however I still had my heavy chariots moving forward behind my infantry,so things could change.

Brian is anything but predictable,and true to form,he left his "comfortable" ridge and attacked Graham's infantry who were moving forward to attack the ridge!!

Whilst the attack on the ridge was going on,Graham also attacked the village,which was lightly defended,this flank was always going to be interesting,with the troops so evenly matched.

With the centre locked in mortal combat,and the chariots out of the way,both Dave and I charged into each other,so the whole of the line was fighting-spectacular!!!

Graham threw some wonderful dice ,to win most of the melees on his flank,and Brian was gradually being pushed back to his original position.The village was being "hotly" contested though,and my flank was "swings and roundabouts" winning some,losing some-tense and exciting stuff!

The village has been taken in this shot,and the flank won-in the background Brian looks to be worried(?)

Brian's centre has fled the field,leaving only the Pharaoh and his bodyguard to stem the tide of Graham's advance,and I am gradually pushing back the Egyptian left flank-is it all over,or will Brian put his Pharaoh into the fray????

In the words of Brian "it would be churlish not to!!" and so he did-and Graham threw a fantastic dice score-game over-hurrah!!!

Pharaoh himself,with new glasses stuck onto the top of his head,oh by the way Brian,could you "SHUT THAT DOOR?"
This was another good game,played in grand style,well done lads.
Roll on Thursday,no game planned as yet,but maybe horse and musket.


  1. I love these battle you lads put on, spectacular indeed.

    1. Cheers paul,always good to hear from you-I think the secret to a good wargame is to keep the rules simple and just enjoy the game,keep the comments coming,