Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Painting Up-date-Egyptian infantry,Colonial

I don't know if I've mentioned this before,but I am retired: being retired is absolutely great,and means that I don't have to fly down motorways at 100MPH,wearing a suit and stressing to get to meetings and appointments on time!!-does that sound familiar to anyone? No, being retired means that I can concentrate on wargamie-things,like painting,planning and research-proper things!!
So in record time I have finished my "Egyptians",and no doubt they will be on the board as soon as possible.

Here are two shots of the completed units-very simple to paint,but effective "en masse"

The Brigadier,"Mustapha Krap"-we'll see how he does next week,against either the British troops or the Mahdist troops-either way he'll probably lose his command and/or his life!!!

Last night an old friend of mine,Ian,phoned up asking if I had any info. on Roman legions and Auxiliary cohorts stationed in and around the Wall area,because he is doing research for an Open University Degree,and has been tasked with finding out about a "Funerary Stone" found beside the Wall,well,whilst looking for info. I came across this photo,tucked away inside a very old book-and I think it is of another good friend of mine,Paul Kirby,who,coincidentally,is going to take part in our planned game on the 10th October-Paul,I will bring this photo along for you to keep.

This was taken,about a thousand years ago,at an exhibition of Roman tactics at Corbridge.I know some interesting people,and,some interesting people know me!!!!

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  1. Great stuff John cheap brushes make all the difference!!!!