Saturday, 5 September 2015

Border Reiver Show report.

We attended Border Reiver show today,and put on a Zulu demo. game,and can happily report that the show was up to the usual high standard.There were about 28 trade stands and about a dozen or so games put on by various local and non-local clubs.The parking was plentiful and free,the attendance looked to be good,there was a thriving bring and buy too,and last but not least hot and cold food being served in the stadium cafe/restaurant-once again the lighting made all photographs a bit orange,but that can't be helped.
Our game and Zulu weapons "exhibition" attracted alot of attention,and we seemed to spend most of the day chatting and explaining the way we game-we may even have attracted some new members-we'll see!!

This is the handout and info sheet we used-the illustrations are from Ian Knight's superb book on Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift-if you're interested in the Zulu war,go and buy it-great!

Although this photo was taken in my garage,as a practice,it was how the table looked at the show.

Setting up the game,Paul,Brian and Dave share a rude joke(I don't know for sure that the joke was rude,but it probably was!!)-this was about 9.00am.

Our Zulu weapons exhibition-assegais,shield and throwing spear-looks like the game is about to start.

Away we go!! the game is in full swing,and so is the show,you can see the traders doing well.
There were some good demo. and participation games going on in the hall.........

WW1 ships,Waterloo and ACW games-very nicely painted and presented figures and terrain,my heart went out to the guys putting on the WW1 ships-they tried to iron their cloth this morning and managed to burn two holes in it!!!

Falkirk club put on a "Tiger Tiger" game,an anonymous club(who didn't talk to me) put on a fantasy game,and Redcar lads put on this WW2 game.

Top photo is "Colonel Bill"-always smiling and willing to talk to his customers,bottom photo is our old mate Alan of Lancashire Games-a more likeable fellow you couldn't meet-they were both enjoying the show and trying their best to attract customers to their stands.....and then there were these!!!!!!!!

Yes he's on the phone,and yes he's asleep!!-and then there was this...................

OMG!!-talk about the "crack of dawn!!"

Three shots of Dave and Brian talking to interested gamers-this is what we like doing at shows,it's great to get other people's points of view on wargaming,collecting, model making etc.

One final shot of the traders beside our table.We thoroughly enjoyed the show-well done to the organisers,and roll on next year.


  1. Good picture of nick!, handy if you need to park a bike.

    1. Hi Paul-just one bike!!!!!!-good show all in all though-nice to see you all,keep the comments coming,cheers

  2. Don't know who "Dawn" is but she needs to lose some weight... :o))

    1. Hi STW,this is all getting a bit silly now-I've even had the Gay Wargamers from Brighton on the phone asking for his address!!!