Thursday, 24 September 2015

Roman Forts in the Lake district.

For our 45th Wedding Anniversary,my wife and I decided to go to Ambleside in the Lake District,which just happened to have a Roman Fort beside the Lake(Windermere) and another a few miles away at Hard Knot Pass-My car couldn't manage to get up the very steep pass(1 in 3!!) even using 4 wheel drive!! so I had to settle for Ambleside Fort or "Galava" as the Romans called it,here are some photo's of the signs put up by the National Trust,who look after it.

These are the best signs I've seen at British Roman ruins/sites-very informative,and placed right next to where the actual ruins are.

Unfortunately it wasn't worth taking any photo's of the remaining stones,but you could see the outlines and trace the fort from the signs-it's a pity that some Government body can't give a grant to some organisation who could then rebuild, even part of the fort,so that we could see what it really was like-the Fort at Arbeila,in South Shields,has had the gate rebuilt and looks great,so why not at other sites?

Anyone interested in looking at the fort at Hard Knot,can Google it-I just wish I had seen it-it looks magnificent.
Well, only three months 'till Christmas Eve,get those pressie lists prepared!!
Roll on tonight,only Brian and I are playing-a Colonial game,pitting Egyptians against red-coated British.


  1. Why not take the lead from my Home town Wallsend Dig up half the town,erect a giant viewing tower charge a fortune to get in to see s.f.a that's the way forward!!!!.

    1. Hmm,yes that "fort" at Segendunum is a disgrace and waste of money for anyone going to see it.