Friday, 25 September 2015

Tel-El_Karnak 1882,Egypt.

Last night Brian and I had a very interesting game involving Egyptians against British troops in Egypt.

This is the scenario,and "extra" bit about the Egyptian "allies" coming onto the board.
I was in charge of the Egyptians,so Brian picked bits of paper indicating what and where my tribal allies would come onto the board-as it happens(!!) at point "A" a unit of Baggara Cavalry came on move 4-nothing at point"B" and nothing at point"C"-bloody hell!!!

For the first few moves the British Redcoats moved relentlessly forward,a crimson tide of death!!(that sounds very dramatic and almost poetic!!) A combination of artillery,gatling and rifle fire inflicted damage to both sides,but the Egyptians,even though they were behind cover,were suffering badly.

These three photo's show the British coming forward and the Egyptians defending their positions,I needed the reinforcements badly at this point(little did I know that only my right flank would receive any!!)

Brian has decided to "curve" his line bringing as many rifles to bear on my troops as possible-it was at this point that my artillery crew,in the foreground, decided that they had better things to do,and ran away!!!

Hurrah!! the Baggara cavalry have arrived-and were promptly shot to hell!!-oh dear me.

This is the "reception committee" for the cavalry-it doesn't seem quite fair somehow!!-the Rifles and Marines are attacking the village,and,the only success of the night for the Egyptians,saw them driven back-a very small hurrah!!

On my left flank,to try and stop Brian's line from advancing,I have "threatened" his end company with my Lancers-however,they too were shot to hell,and then Brian had the audacity to send his lancers onto their flank-the resulting morale test saw them taking off at a rate of knots,into the desert shouting "we're off to polish our tarbushes"-I'm sure there's a dirty joke in there somewhere!!
Things were not looking good for the Egyptians at this point.

Brian ordered the charge,and the Crimson Tide(I like that phrase!!) surged up the hill like a tsunami of death(I'm really getting into this poetic business!!) but will the Egyptians put up a good fight and drive them back down the hill??

Er,no!! the aftermath of the charge can be plainly seen-two officers and a Gatling gun is all that remains of the Egyptian force!!-oh well,there's always another day!
This was an interesting game,and with hindsight I should have given the Egyptians a better fighting/morale chance by increasing their points,but Brian did brilliantly and his plan of attack was good-roll on Sunday,we have decided to keep the desert theme and field Brian's Ancient Egyptians against my Pa'Arasites.


  1. Enjoyed it John but I forgot to give you my usual bit of culture that I know you and the rest of the Lads like or should that be endure!!This is why Crimson is on your mind
    The Sand of the Desert is Crimson Red
    Red with the Blood of a Square that broke.
    The Gatling jammed the Colonels dead
    and the Regiment is blind with dust and smoke.
    The River of Death has brimmed its banks.
    And Englands far and Honour a name
    But the voice of a schoolboy rallies the ranks.
    "Play up!!play up!! and play the Game.
    Part of a great poem by Henry Newbolt which for me just about sums up the Madness of the whole era.

  2. Wallsend is just a Hub of Culture John!!!