Monday, 14 September 2015

Ramilles 1706-Cavalry battle

Last night we tried out the terrain and number of squadrons we have for the cavalry side of Ramilles which we are staging on 10th October.We were joined by Graham,who we met up with at Gateshead Stadium,and who had some good input to the game,along with great feedback from both Paul and Brian.

This is how the table looked before any movement-in the foreground is the village of Taviers,defended by some Swiss troops,with Ramilles in the centre-for the game we only concentrated on the cavalry and Taviers.

This is the French cavalry,interspersed with infantry-there were 16 squadrons in this sector of our table,with another 4 Bavarian squadrons to the left,which could be called upon at any time.

This shows,for want of a better word,the British cavalry(actually Dutch and Danish)-again 16 squadrons with another 8 in reserve and on the left flank,supporting the attack on the village of Taviers.

After a hard night's fighting,this is how the table looked,with the cavalry,in the background,locked in combat and the village under attack-very spectacular!
We did encounter a few logistical problems,and came up with various solutions,but in the end we decided to keep with our tried and tested methods,which are both simple and easily understood(we are very aware that all the players will not have played our "rules" before and will be relying on us to keep them right)

One final shot of the action-with this many squadrons and an accompanying 25 regiments of infantry per side,we hope the whole game will be a spectacle and enjoyed by everyone concerned.Roll on the 10th October!!
I mentioned in a previous blog that I am painting some Turks, as Egyptians,for my Colonial Sudan set up,and am indebted to Brian for "lending" me some brushes to finish these figures-I will get my own this week sometime!!

These two shots are of the first completed unit-all I have to do is to "flock" their bases.

Second unit (with "fez" painted) well on the way-probably get it finished today,and the third possibly tomorrow-it's great being retired you know!!
Roll on Thursday,possibly only three of us again,and probably a Carthaginian vs Roman game,at Paul's request.

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