Thursday, 10 September 2015

Citadel Paints-whinge!!

I decided to go "down town" today to buy some paints,for my newly acquired Warrior Miniatures Egyptian troops (1880),but bought as Turks from their WW1 range!
Now,I don't know about you,but I do not like the experience of going into The Games Workshop-the main reason is the normally,overweight,over enthusiastic,over thirty(and probably still living with his parents) and faintly smelling of Cheese and Onion crisps,assistants who bound over to you as soon as you enter the shop,asking banal questions like"and what are we painting today?" or "what brings you in here today?"-well,"WE" implies,to me that "YOU" are going to help me paint the figures!! but "I" wouldn't let "YOU" anywhere near my figures or Person!! and the thing that brought me  in here today,was a combination of public transport and my feet-now back off or I'll kick you in the "nads"(presuming you have any!)
Anyway,on to the "whinge"-the price of these tiny pots of paint have gone up from £2.40 to £2.55!!-bloody hell,I'm going to have to put an armed guard on the bloody things........

I shouldn't complain really,'cos the assistant gave me a pound too much in change-get in there!!!

These are the figures-40 in total,36 infantry and 4 officers,to make up 3 units.These figures will give me diversity in my Sudan colonial games.

Figures undercoated,and ready to go,if only I can remember the code for the safe where I am now keeping my paints!-Roll on tonight,an "El Cid" game,with Brian and Paul.


  1. Evening John,
    You can tell you're getting past it. The odour is what most young people smell like, as they never knew the delights of Brut and Old Spice. As for the paint. At the next show get around the traders, and you will invariably find a box containing lots of GW paint at a discounted price, usually about 60 pence per tub. By the way check out the new Mini Figs range of turks, they might be of some use.

    1. Yo Robbie,have been caught out by buying paint at discount prices before,and got home to find them solid!!-will check out my old mates Mini-Figs though,cheers