Friday, 10 June 2016

Atbara 1880-the Sudan.

Well we certainly believe in diversity at our small(but perfectly formed) club,proved by last night's game!!

I fear for my sanity at times!!
Paul and Brian were in charge of the Berber/Bedouin,I was in charge of the Haddendowah.

Paul begins his attack on my left and centre-and what a battle this turned out to be!

With flags(lots of them!) flying and trumpets blasting,we clashed in the centre-Paul was getting a real old battering for a couple of moves,then,inevitably, he began throwing high dice and "officer killed" dice,and did for me,big style!!

On my other flank,Brian has crossed the Nile,in force,and is threatening my line with infantry and camels.

This is a shot of the whole board showing the action-on my left I am doing badly,but on my right I am holding my own!!

Paul is pushing my cavalry back,forcing them to check morale,which they failed,and fled the table-woe is me!!!!-But now something horrific was about to happen on my right.................

A mass "brawl" has broken out!!-in desperation,to prevent my troops from running away,I put my commander into the fray,and,of course,got him killed-it is at this point that the more squeamish reader should switch of his computer,because Brian got so excited at killing the commander,that he spat his teeth out onto the table!!!!!!!-bloody hell,does this sort of thing happen in other clubs???-I think not!!!! it's going to take Paul and I a long time to get over this,I woke up at 2am this morning screaming,and probably will suffer long term mental stress.

After the laughter and jeering had died down,it was back to the game,and Paul had driven me to destruction,and I had to concede defeat on my left.....................

However,Brian,or "fixadent" as we call him now, was finally beaten and forced back across the Nile,so we called the game a draw!!
This was a very unusual and entertaining game,well done lads!
Brian brought up his Cromwell tanks for us to see......

One word describes them-SUPERB!!
Roll on Sunday,could be ECW,but who knows?

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  1. Don't know what all the fuss was about only half of them made a bid for freedom!!!