Monday, 13 June 2016

Battle of Fenton Crossings 1645.

Last night the "Feisty Five" of Graham,Paul,Brian,Dave and I had an absolutely splendid game,fast,colourful and exciting-grand stuff!!

The scenario and table before any movement-Brian,Paul and Graham were the Royalists and Dave and I were the Parliamentarians.All was set for a great game!

It was all action from move number one-this is my initial assault on the village and large field,being ably defended by Graham-our plan was to attack in overwhelming numbers,forcing Paul to commit his reserve infantry,to help Graham-this worked,sort of, but Paul sent the reserve too late to assist him!!!-hurrah!

In the centre,consisting of cavalry,Dave has sent 2 regiments of his "Ironsides" cavalry to instigate the attack,and my troopers are following up to give support-wonderful wargaming!

Dave's infantry are attacking Brian's on our left flank-what a tussle!!-doesn't Brian look like a certain Winston Churchill in this shot?-however,after Thursday's antics he'll probably be saying "We will bite them on the beaches!!!"

Oh no!! he's at it again-having killed and officer,he "whipped" his teeth out and did a sort of "Jig"-I wonder if we can get him barred from the club!!

The cavalry battle is swinging both ways,neither side getting an advantage-Paul is feeding units into the melee,and it is not looking good for the Parliamentarians!!

Having been beaten back from my first assault on the village,I have re-organised my lines and a second assault is going in,Graham's defenders are weakened,and,with a bit of luck,I should manage to capture the village.

I have!!-hurrah,the left flank of the Royalists has collapsed,but what of Dave's flank?

He has held it!!-another hurrah!!-The Royalists have failed to meet their objectives,so Dave and I were declared the winners,although it must be said that the central cavalry battle was still on-going,and it was looking "bleak" for the Parliamentarians!
Well done to everyone,a great game.
Dave and Brian brought along their latest "Painting Offerings" for us to "Ooh and Arrgh" over,and here they are...................

"Maison du Roi" Elite miniatures by Dave-bloody show-off!!

Prussians and Russians-Napoleonic,Elite Miniatures by Dave-full of action.

Brian's British infantry-a whole box full of them,Crusader miniatures-absolutely marvellous!

Another shot of these well-painted figures-it's a bit "uncanny" but if you look closely at the figure on the left at the back of the base,well,it looks an awful lot like Brian!!!!-how does he do it??
Roll on Thursday--no idea what we'll be playing yet,but inbetween I am going down to Charlie Wesencraft's club on Wednesday to run through a Viking Raid game they are putting at the "Low Light" museum on 30th July.

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