Friday, 3 June 2016

Battle of "Mindendorf" 1759.

When I set up the battles we play,I often try and envisage the way they will go-sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong-last night was one such game when I was wrong!! however the game turned out well and looked spectacular from the word "go".Brian and I were the Prussian commanders and Paul was in charge of the Russians.Because of time constraints this morning,I will put a minimum of text,and hope the photographs show how the game went.

The "usuals"-Russians in the foreground,marching into positions.

Brian's initial attack by his Hanoverians against the village.

My initial attack against the Prussian left flank.Both flanks were eventually successful,but at a cost!!

The Prussian advance begins,Paul had elected to defend,apart from the flanks,further back than we had anticipated,which meant that we had a fair old distance to move before contact,however the spectacle more than made up for it!

A rather spectacular-looking Prussian line,passing through the first line,which had suffered too many casualties.

By a combination of musket and Battery fire,Brian drove the Russian Guard out of the village,and achieved his objective-hurrah!!

The furious and long-fought fight for the other flank continues,which I eventually won-another hurrah!!

The fire-fight in the centre was "brutal!!" to say the least,and neither side could claim an all-out victory,however,with both flanks gone and 10.30pm looming(with work for Paul the next day!) the Prussians were granted a victory!!
Well done lads,another one under the belt!! Roll on Sunday,probably an Ancients.

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  1. Please stop mentioning Work makes me quite Giddy!!!