Friday, 17 June 2016

Battle of Fort St George,Zululand 1879.

Last night Brian and I packed our suitcases with sun cream,pith helmets and spare dentures and took ourselves off to Africa!!

Scenario and table before any movement,Brian opted to command the British,leaving me with the task of capturing the Fort and destroying the "occupants".

My Zulus(proper plural is "amaZulu") adopting the classic Chest and Horns formation,advance against Brian's forward units of RHA and NNC,who fled back to the Fort area(a wise move,Brian!!)

The troops in the Fort open up on my leading elements of my right horn,meanwhile the troops in the foreground have been told to "stand to" just in case they are attacked!(as if!!!)

This shows my right horn attacking over open ground,and covering a good distance too!
They were "shot to sh-t!!" by Brian's brave defenders!!

HOWEVER, one regiment did manage to penetrate the defences,and caused all kinds of mayhem-hurrah!!

My Left Horn is attacking,successfully, and the British defending the small enclosure and hastily built barricade,is in trouble-I have also managed to get my "chest" regiments into a good attacking position-is this going to be a rare Zulu victory??

My left horn is driving the British troops back,and my centre is also attacking,Brian,by this time was asking to lie down in a darkened room!

The British are being over-run,with no hope of victory,the Zulu were declared winners-hurrah!!

One last despairing shot of the table at the end of the game!!
Roll on Sunday,Dave has prepared a Napoleonic game,which takes the onus off me for once-come on Dave,this will be a good'un,I feel it in my waters!!!


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    1. Cheers Rodger,we try our best-colonial games are always fun,fast and furious!!

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  3. Lovely open fields of fire Brian... what could possibly have got in the way of that?......

  4. He planted a thought in my Head that he had more Troops to come and I fell for it.