Thursday, 9 June 2016

Painting up-date and club news.

Because I'm retired,I can do exactly what my wife tells/allows me to do!! so I decided to give myself a rest from painting my Viking army(I've reached the half way stage of 6 units) and paint the Vacuum-formed "ruined building" I bought recently.

6 Viking units completed,only another 6 to go-these have taken me about 3 weeks to paint,and I have enjoyed doing them.

A bit of a close-up(best not to get too close!!)-these are from Warrior Miniatures "Crusader" range of figures-nice poses,and easy to paint,and most importantly of all Inexpensive!!
Now onto the Ruined Building............................

This is the basic model,which has been under-coated,using emulsion paint,after first washing it thoroughly in hot soapy water(I'm beginning to sound like a "Blue Peter" presenter!!)

3 coats of green "poster paint"@ 50p a gallon,from Tesco(no expense spared!!)

Brown "roadway" added-again "poster paint"(a couple of coats were needed-there goes the bloody pension for this week!!)

Dark grey was used for the "Ruined Building" part-not "poster paint"-I used a Citadel paint for this!

"Flock" has been added to give a realistic(??) look to some of the high points-PVA glue(watered down) was used and then the flock just scattered onto it!

Finally,a couple of bits of "lichen" added for effect-all it needs now is for a Sherman Tank to come rumbling down the road!!

Where the hell did that come from?!!!

OMG!! there's another one!!!

By adding other bits of "Ruins",the possibilities are endless in its wargaming uses-look out for this piece being fought over by everything from WW2 to ECW,7YW etc. etc.
But now for some "proper" painting-from Dave...................

3 shots of some Napoleonic Prussian Landwher Lancers,from Elite Miniatures-very finely painted-look at the detail-marvellous!!-Dave has a couple of Scenarios planned for later on this month,so watch this space.
Brian is still painting like a mad man,his WW2 stuff,and has completed 3 Cromwell tanks and some British infantry this week alone!!!
Paul hasn't painted anything,apart from his spare room!!


  1. John,
    what do you mean retired, I thought you were out on licence from Frankland Prison and were on special curfew.

    1. Robbie,I am dyslexic,and meant to say "retarded"!!I sincerely hope that when we see next,you're not going to bore the s..t out of us by telling us about your American adventure.

  2. Vikings looking great so far, and the vacuum formed terrain is excellent. Reminds me of setting loads of Airfix figures on the old Bellona pieces, and then them all falling over when the cat walked by.