Monday, 27 June 2016

"Tommy's' Game" 2016.Romans vs Britons.

Last night,as an "Homage" to our friend Tommy,we had a most spectacular and thrilling game,with Brian and Paul commanding a Legion each,and myself commanding the Britons.

This is the "raison d'etre" of the game-Tommy was a real character,and we miss him from our games,although for the last couple of years of his life he rarely attended our games,but kept in touch via 'phone calls and the odd visit.

This is the table before any movement-Brian was in charge of the "Blue" legion,Paul the "Red"
In the foreground some Auxiliary units are already engaged with the Village defenders.

This melee went on for most of the game,eventually,because of the threat of Cohort Intervention,I was forced to retire !!

When we say "spectacular" we mean "spectacular"-look at those Roman lines-now let's see what the Britons can do to disrupt them!!!

The advance begins-my plan was to take out both Roman flanks then attack in the centre,with a combination of Warbands,Cavalry and Chariots(that were "lurking" in the woods)..............

"Lurking Chariots"-these actually didn't even get into combat!!-my fault as I didn't leave them any room to manoeuvre-what a waste!!!

Away we go!!-I thought that if I attacked the Junction of the two Legions,I could cause a split,and send my reserves and cavalry through the gap-dream on-these are Romans we are talking about!!!

I think Paul is trying to hide from the shower of javelins coming his way!His legion is about to be attacked,but Brian's seems to be holding on.

Paul's auxiliaries,in front of the burning village,are being forced back-Paul put his commander in to stem the retreat,got him killed,and the whole lot took off back to Rome-hurrah!!!-now for the big push.....................

My troops gather,ready to do battle with Paul's Legion,whilst in the background the melees rage on-what a game!!!-I hope Paul doesn't do one of his "Poses".........................

Oh dear me,dear me!!!-well that won't win the day for you-all along the table the battle is raging,but the Roman line is being "fragmented"-one last push should do it,but my warbands are getting weaker,and weaker!

As my warbands attack,Paul is put under tremendous pressure,but he counter-attacked on the left and won the ensuing fight-it was me who was split now!!-he kept piling cohorts and cavalry into the gap,and suddenly the tables have been turned!!!Brian has stabilised his lines and is advancing on my other flank-woe is me!!!!

Brian's advance put me under pressure and relieved the pressure on Paul-with my warbands in a desperate state,I had to admit defeat!!

One last shot showing Brian's line advancing against the village!!
What a fitting game for Tommy!-we all had to go and lie down in darkened rooms!!!-well done lads,and roll on Thursday-don't know what we'll be playing though.


  1. Fabulous looking game John! Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate Tommy but as you know I was on nightshift!

  2. Ah I can just about remember when work got in the way.It was a great game nip and tuck all the way.Have you another Napolionic up your sleeve ?.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Robbie,you would have liked Tommy,he was a Police Inspector,based in the West End,and a real gent.
      Thanks for the comment.