Monday, 6 June 2016

Battle of "Jinghat" 300BC.

We(Brian,Paul and I) had yet another thrilling game,pitting a Successor army against an Indian army-very colourful and "bloody"!!

Paul was Seleucus,in charge of the right and centre of the Successor army,whilst Brian commanded the left and was also tasked with capturing the City of Jinghat-I was in total command of the Indians!!

These "young Ladies" constituted my personal bodyguard-ooh er!!!!-I promised not to mention that Paul's Bodyguard was absolutely "hammered" by these Lovelies!!!-so I won't(!)

The game got off to a lively start,this is my left flank being assailed by Paul's Companion cavalry-the melee lasted almost the whole of the game,with us both feeding in units when required-thrilling stuff!

Two shots of my left and centre,being attacked by Paul and Brian-the attack,by Paul's bodyguard,on my "Dusky Maidens" looked spectacular,but was doomed to failure!!

Brian's attack on the city was nothing short of "Magnificent!!"-he weakened my troops with sling shots and then sent in his heavies,which did me alot of damage,although I did manage to keep him out-hurrah!!

Bloody Elephants!! every front-line one eventually ran amok,causing all kinds of consternation to both sides-but good fun!(unless you were in the way of one!!)

A good shot down the whole of the table,showing the action taking place-it was non-stop!!
(note the Elephants!!)

Brian's third and final attack on the city-he almost succeeded,but not quite!!

Paul has finally broken my cavalry,who are about to retire(it's good being retired!) leaving the flank wide open!!
However,in an effort to get to my "Maidens"Paul threw Seleucus into the fray,and got him killed,which resulted in his Bodyguard having to test their morale,which they failed,and they had to retire!!-hurrah!!

"There is a green hill far away" with the body of a dead Successor General on it!!!!!

Brian's phalanx is making mincemeat of my Indian infantry,and this was the final move of the game-I still held the city,but Brian was beating me on my right,I still held the hill,but Paul was beating me on my left,so we called the game a "draw"-phew!!
This was probably the best game we've had recently(and we have had some good'uns!)long may it continue-well done to Paul and Brian.
Roll on Thursday-don't know what we'll be playing yet.


  1. Great game...those hills blend in really well with the new mat. In fact the whole layout looks spectacular (as do the personal bodyguard).

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,I was getting a bit worried 'cos we haven't heard from you for a while(I thought this new Windows 10 had blocked everyone from commenting!)-thanks for comments,I'm pleased with the new mat,and yes the hills etc.blend in quite nicely-and as for the "Guard",well,they must come from Bristol I guess!!!