Monday, 8 August 2016

Battle of "Crumps Wall" 1880.

Last night Brian,Graham and I travelled all the way to Africa to have another exciting and fast flowing Zulu game.

With apologies to our American "cousins",this is the scenario-Brian drew the short straw,and commanded the British,whilst Graham and I took command of the Zulus.

Graham opened proceedings by getting his Centre Regiments shot to bits!!!-meanwhile the two "horns" advanced to take on the British and NNC regiments.

My left horn advancing towards the well-positioned British-I,like Graham's centre regiments,was shot to bits,but supporting regiments would,somehow,get to grips with the determined defenders.

Graham's right horn advancing against a company of British supported by three companies of NNC-this was the only "open" part of the table,and saw furious action!!!

At close range,a combination of rifle,gatling and artillery fire decimated Graham's regiments,but my reserve regiments are moving to support him and take over the fighting against the "Wall".

The top photo shows my futile attempts to get into the British,but Brian was having none of it!!,and the bottom photo shows Graham's regiments fighting against a very determined NNC!

Despite heavy casualties,Graham has managed to get a couple of regiments into the defences,and my reserve regiments are moving swiftly to support the breaches-hurrah!!

My left horn still can't make any headway,and casualties are mounting!!! Meanwhile on the other flank..........................

Despite strong resistance,Graham is winning(mainly due to numbers!!)-look at Brian's body language!!!

The reserve regiments,plus a couple of centre regiments are over the "wall" and the British are on the "back foot"-time for one "Last Stand" moment??????

Yes,of course there is-come on boys,"die like British soldiers do"-and so they did!!
Well done to Graham and Brian-good game.
Roll on Thursday-don't know what we'll be playing though!


  1. A utter Ploating pure and simple!!!!

    1. Brian,you're being to hard on yourself old bean!!!!(that's an old zulu saying you know.)