Monday, 1 August 2016

Battle of the Blockhouse-rules test.

Last night Brian,Dave and I put on a small game to try and test some WW2 type rules,because Brian has almost finished his German and British forces,for the Normandy Campaign.

Top photo is the scenario and map,bottom photo is the table before any movement.
I took command of the Scots,whilst Brian and Dave shared the Russian command.

This shows the exact-in-every-detail,and very expensive blockhouse(actually a bit of polystyrene packing and a piece of dowling!!)  which was the objective for the Russians.

Dave opened the proceedings by sending two infantry squads and two tanks across the hastily constructed "bailey bridge",and onto my flank-I was ready for him with a tank and anti-tank gun in position along with one infantry squad.

Dave has now thrown another two infantry squads against me,and I am in danger of being swamped!!!-On the other flank,Brian was doing exactly the same,and a combination of tanks,mortar fire and infantry fire drove my meagre troops back-knocking out one of my tanks in the process!!!!

Hell's Flames!!!-I am undone-with both flanks in all kinds of dis-order,the Russians were declared the winners..........................

However,with one tank left and the blockhouse intact(apart from a slight chip on the concrete!)
technically I was the winner-but to howls of protest and sarcastic laughter,I had to admit defeat!!
This small game threw up more questions than answers about the kind of rules we want to use,so it's back to the drawing board!!
Brian brought along his latest painted tank-a Panther..............................

Absolutely cracking-let's get the rules sorted and some games played a.s.ap.
Roll on Thursday,probably another "Boudicca" outing!

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