Friday, 26 August 2016

Windfall and show preview.

Last week we had a bit of a windfall of wargaming "stuff" courtesy of a friend of my daughter.
We came into possession of a huge number of books,figures,buildings and board games,which we distributed among the club members and sold some of the other "stuff" that we didn't want,making a bit of money for the club,but also being able to donate a considerable amount to "Help For Heroes" charity-so a win-win situation all round.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of books!!-Brian and I sorted them into periods,and gradually order came into the pile on our table.

Order at last!!-the pile of red backed books to the right is a complete collection of Oman's History of the Peninsular War!!-the figures in the foreground are superbly painted Perry Plastic Napoleonics.

Dave and Paul looking at the books etc.-Dave was "gobsmacked" to find two items that he had been looking for over the years-a board game called "Kingmaker" and a first edition of "The Wargame" by Charles Grant-he went away from the garage with a grin on his face!!

Another reason we haven't had a game over the last two weeks,was I had my Grandson up from London for a few days-great fun,and a chance to use my "Battling Tanks"....................

Of course he beat me every game!!!!

So now onto the preview for "Border Reiver" show on the third of September,at Gateshead Stadium(where we will have a table at the Bring and Buy,selling,at knock down prices,the rest of the windfall items we still have left!)

Our demonstration game is a Viking raid on a small village "somewhere" in Britain!-We play-tested the game last night and it should be good on the day,so roll on the 3rd!
We will be playing on Sunday,probably an ECW game,at Brian's request-it's his 62nd Birthday today,so "many happy returns" Brian,have a great day!!


  1. John,
    Where's the e mail listing what books etc you are selling at giveaway prices?

    1. Hi Robbie,I don't do e mails.maybe I can write to you-oh no that would be too late,@cos most of it has gone,however we will be manning a Bring and Buy stall at Border Reiver this week-end,so will see you there.