Friday, 5 August 2016

Boudicca,part two-Roman's Revenge(?)

Last night the "triumvirate" of Brian,Graham and I had a re-match of Boudicca vs Romans,after the Romans were soundly beaten in the last game!!

The scenario and table before any movement-I was Boudicca(no funny comments,please!) and Brian and Graham were the Roman commanders.

Look at that face!-if he was one of the Seven Dwarves he wouldn't be called "Happy!!!"
This shows my attack on the Roman left,thinly held by what turned out to be "Supermen Auxiliaries"

With the threat of an all-out attack by my Warbands and cavalry,the Romans have adopted a defensive formation!!-I now outnumber the cohorts,and will drive these "puny" Romans off the table-oh yeah!!!

On the Roman right flank,I am putting yet another determined attack on,you guessed it, a bunch of Auxiliaries who also turned out to be "Supermen"-things are not going as planned!

My Warbands have made contact with the Cohorts and a "lively" melee ensued-neither of us gaining an upper hand.At this point Graham tried to outflank my line by sending a unit of cavalry against me,forcing me to turn part of my second line of Warbands to defend myself!!

Hello!! where have my front line Warbands gone?-smashed to "smithereens" by a sneaky Roman ploy of throwing good dice!!!!-the swines!!-now I am in trouble.

Take that silly grin off your face-this is a serious wargame!!-Brian's cavalry have got themselves into all kinds of bother,and are about to be wiped out-this could leave his cohorts in danger of being out-flanked and destroyed.My reserves are moving forward to assist in one final push!

On the Roman right flank,I have driven the"Supermen" back but Graham is sending his reserve cohorts to help them,and my cavalry is being beaten-this is definitely not good!!

In a "rash command decision" I decided to send my reserves off to my right,but then realised that even if they could beat the "supermen" on the hill,they would still have an awful long way to go to out-flank the main Roman line!!!-woe is me!
My Warbands are totally "knackered"(a military term!!),although my cavalry are fairly strong ,but the Romans still have untouched troops waiting to pounce on my warbands,so a Roman victory was declared.
This was another fascinating Roman vs "Barbarian" encounter,showing that Roman training and superior weapons will always(???) give them the edge-great stuff.
Roll on Sunday,could be a Zulu game,but who knows?

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