Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Planning ahead-painting project.

"I believe in planning ahead,but that's ridiculous!" screeched the wife from inside the box I keep her in.
She was referring to my latest painting project aimed at putting on a spectacular demo. game at Falkirk in May 2017!!!!!
The last time these figures were put on public display was back in 1983,at Durham,and apart from maybe 6 or so games at the club they have "lived" in my loft,unseen and unloved(?) so when the "boys" suggested that they would make a good demo. game at Carronade,I jumped at the chance to see them again.
On inspection the figures look ok,and I am loathe to re-touch the paint work,however I need another couple of regiments and guns,so I will dig the moulds out,start casting and painting,ready for their Big Day.

These figures are semi-flats from moulds bought from Prince August,way back in the 1980's,and are still going strong-my intention was to paint them in the same style as the rest of the collection-about 1200 figures of infantry,cavalry and guns.
These figures cry out for painting in a "Toy Soldier" style(which suits me down to the ground ie very little detail!!)
This first photo shows the initial stage of block colouring all 24 foot,plus a couple of officers.

A close-up of the mounted officer,showing the distinct lack of detail-hurrah!!

On Parade and "en masse" they look good.

Facing colours added-now they are taking shape.

The "toy Soldier" style of painting is beginning to show now,as they near completion.

Completed figures,on their bases,in column and in line,they only need "flocking" now to finish them off-the figures are 40mm tall,which is something I should have mentioned at the start!!

The completed Regiment,c/w drummers and Grenadiers,and standard bearer and officers-easy to paint and good to look at-roll on Carronade.
By the way,I don't keep my wife in a box-it's more of  cage!!


  1. John,
    These are very nice, well done.

    1. Hi Robbie-praise indeed!-I have 1250 of these figures,and offered them to bloke at York show acouple of years ago,for £200!! but he said they were too expensive for him-i don't know his name,but it's probably "Ebenezer"-however i think I'll keep them for the time being.

  2. Missed seeing you chaps at Claymore this year :(
    Great 40mm stuff and exciting plans!

    1. Hi tradgardmastare,thanks for kind comments,holidays etc. prevented us from going to Claymore,maybe next year!
      If you can make it to Carronade in May 2017,you'll see our house rules in action with these figures,cheers,

  3. BTW forgot to mention Wargames Holiday Centre Marlburian Rules work a treat with these sort of chaps!

  4. Beautiful looking troops. That marching pose is the nicest of the Prince August catalogue. Such a shame they never made them in 20mm.

    1. Hi Doug,I agree,the Marching pose is the best,and I also agree that Prince August are maybe missing a trick by not producing these moulds in 20/28mm

  5. Hi John
    If I can get a pass out, please can I join in? I do know who you offered the collection to and he was a fool not to take your hand off!

    1. Hi Chris,good to hear from you again-hope you and family are well.If you can get to Carronade in May,it'll be great,and you certainly will be able to join in.