Friday, 12 August 2016

Macedonians vs Persians.

With Paul back from his "jollies",the fab four had a "humdinger" of an Ancients game last night.

Scenario and table before any movement-Paul and I were Persians,Brian and Graham were Macedonians.

My front line of what can only be called "crap troops" are heading for certain death towards the Phalanx-however their demise gave Paul time to extend his back line,in readiness to confront the formidable Phalanx on almost even terms!!-the scythed chariots turned 18o degrees and contacted our troops!!!-Paul was not amused!

Are Graham and Brian practicing some form of synchronised defeatism???
My levy axemen and elephants are about to contact the phalanx and supporting troops-the elephants did ok but the levies were "knocked about"(that's wargames speak for being wiped out!!)

Elephants in action against Brian's Hypaspists-these did well and drove the Hypaspists back-hurrah!!

On Paul's flank,he has sent the Immortals forward to try and stem the tide of Companion Cavalry heading his way-using a combination of firepower and good melee points,one unit of Companions was driven away-another hurrah!!!

In this shot the left flank Elephant has decided to run amok,preventing Paul's Cardaces infantry,and Mercenary Greeks from attacking the Phalanx-woe is us!!

On my flank,the Cataphracts are doing sterling work,by beating the Hypaspists and supporting Peltasts-Paul is now in a position to engage the Phalanx-listen for the "CRASH"...............

"CRASH"-Paul won most of the first round melees,and the Phalanx looked in danger of splitting up-however in the background,Graham's cavalry are putting Paul's cavalry under all kinds of pressure!!!-thrilling stuff,and knife-edge wargaming at its best!!

In a desperate attempt to win the flank,Graham has sent the Royal squadron into the fray,led by Alexander himself,but,even with superior points and numbers,they got beaten!!!!(Alexander survived though!)-the Phalanx is advancing on the right,but is being held on the left-if a gap appears,we could take advantage and win the game.......................

A gap has appeared,and we will take advantage of it and win the game-hurrah!!!!

Well done lads,couldn't have been better!-roll on Sunday,probably "horse and musket".

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