Monday, 18 June 2012

197th Anniversary game 17.6.2012.Napoleonic.

I suppose like every wargames club in the world,this weekend was special,and to mark the 197th Anniversary of Waterloo,we decided to put on a Napoleonic game based on Napoleon's retreat from Waterloo,with quite a bit of Historical licence!!
The scenario was that a blocking force of Brunswickers,reinforced by a force of Prussians was denying the French army access to the road to Paris.This simple scenario turned out to be the best Napoleonic game we've had for a long time.John was the Prussian commander,who came onto the board on move number 3,to assist the Brunswickers commanded by Graham,Paul was,just for tonight,Napoleon.
Below is the scenario,a very difficult task for Paul,however he did outnumber us, and for a while gave us a damned good licking. This is the little fella,with his Guard,surveying the battle field from the safety of a farm.

This shows the French left flank and centre, before the Brunswickers had been "delivered" by Graham,you can see the Prussians on the table but unable to move until move 3.

This is the view the French right flank had over the board.

The French begining to advance along the whole front,giving both Graham and I alot of trouble.

Fire fighting along the Brunswick right flank,Paul brought his guns up close and gave Graham a terrible pounding until I could relieve some of the pressure by bringing up some Cavalry to threaten the guns.

Paul (Napoleon for the night) looking too smug for his own good,whilst guns and muskets are blasting away on the Brunswick troops.

Napoleon (Paul for tonight only) supervising his troops and feinting them towards a "ford" held by the Prussians,this was seen only as a feint and countered by horse art,and inf. fire.(note new flag in background,gift for father's day from daughter)

Prussian cav. gathering ready to charge any French who came within their reach.

It's that new flag again,with Paul's feint to the ford in full swing,as though I was going to fall for that!!

A column of infantry has crossed the stream and after Graham's attempt to stop them with musket fire failed,a melee developed,another melee is in progress in the distance,Lancers against heavy dragoons,Dragoons won,but then were cannistered(dirty trick!) and were destroyed.

After morale was checked both sides were in a bit of bother,however the Prussians were still strong and were able to send troops to the right flank,whilst still holding the left flank,only a token Brunswick force was left,and so the French were declared the "losers" and Paul could resume his true identity until the next game!

Everything taken into account this was a great game and we all enjoyed it.

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