Tuesday, 26 June 2012

American Civil War game 26.6.2012. vs Dave.

After suffering severe depression and withdrawal symptoms from not playing on Sunday,I was relieved when Dave suggested a Day-Game today.Dave brought along his American Civil War figs,I knocked up a scenario and map,and away we go!!
Below is the scenario and troops we used,a simple attack and defence game,which turned out to be a "WOW" game. This is the map we both worked to,troops were positioned and orders written,the game started at 10.30 and finished at 1.00pm, with 11 moves being played.

This shows the overall board viewd from the Confederate side,the Union troops started about half way from the far edge.

This shot shows the view the Union General (Dave) had of his objective,ie the Mill.

Union troops on the move,4 separate columns with guns and cavalry supporting,very impressive.
Confederate troops moving to take up their positions,a stiring sight!!

Dave's first attack being "thwarted",the Union troops in this sector (the ford) were "raw" and did not fare well,being cannistered and shot at by Rebs,who were determined to hold onto their hill.

This photo shows the Union attack on the bridge area on the Reb's right flank,after a long struggle they were successful and the Rebs were driven back with heavy losses.

This shows the Mill and defenders,awaiting the Union onslaught,which didn't materialise,although a well placed Union battery did some damage to the central position .

Confederate troops under so much pressure,that if they had been a bunch of grapes they would have beeen a glass of wine by now!!

This shows the final stage of the game ,with the Union centre about to launch an attack against the thinly held Rebel line,note relaxed posture of Dave!

WE both enjoyed this game and it was decided that we will have more A.C.W. games in the future,Dave took some extra photographs on his 'phone, and he will post them later as "eye candy".

Roll on Thursday !!


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