Friday, 22 June 2012

Maharatta Infantry

I (Dave) have finished adding the flag and basing my first infantry unit. They are Mahratta regular infantry of the army of Daolat Rao Scindia and will be led by Colonel Pohlman commanding from the back of an elephant. Pohlman is painted and is awaiting the arrival of his elephant. The flag I have chosen has an elephant motif and the other battalions in the compoo will also have the same motif, although the flags will reflect the turban colour of the unit.

I am quite pleased at how the basing has turned out. I wanted to try and capture the Indian hot, dry earth but with patches of greenery. I may in the future add sum grass tufts of more autumnal colours. Still I am pleased with my first attempts at more then simple flocking.

Next up for basing is the Red Turban battalion, they already have their flag attached, followed by the Orange Turbans. As I have said before, the Mahratta regulars will be colour identified which is perfect for the failing eyesight of the group! (figures by Redoubt and flag by The Virtual Armchair General).

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  1. what do you mean,failing eyesight,I can see the moon and that's 250,000 miles away !!good photo's and well painted figures.