Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another Napoleonic,19.6.2012.vs Alan

It's great being retired! It means I can have two great wargames in two days,both Napoleonic and both touch and go til the last move.
My mate Alan came down today and we played this game,Alan is a "wily" opponent and I needed my wits about me just to try and fathom out what he was going to do,his movement and tactics were,as always, sound and he eventually overwhelmed my defences and drove me off the board.
Alan was the French commander (Napoleon) and I was the British commander (Wellington).I thought I would include this photo of my Rocket Battery, just to show it was actually on the board,@cos it sure as hell didn't hit anything!! This shows the relative positions of both forces,with the French just about to start their attack.Alan began with a good assault on my left flank,I had positioned some Rifles on a low hill to my front,they took one shot and retired,however the only way they could go was across the front of my battery on that flank,so it couldn't fire for two moves,this was a serious mistake on my part and I deduced it was the reason I was so thoroughly beaten on this flank.

The French on the move,echeloned attack columns with guns and cavalry on the flanks.

This shows my whole position,which should have been imprenable but for the mistake on my left flank!

The French attack on my centre being stopped by volley fire.

Alan's mass attack on my right flank,which was guarded by light cav. horse art. and inf.Wellington is sheltering in the farm.

"Charge the Greys" a successful attack by my heavies,which was countered by Lancers,who eventually forced the Greys to retire!!

I was quite "chuffed" with this outflanking move by my Light cav.Alan wasn't,it proved to be very successful and for a while it looked as though I might actually hold this flank-dream on was the cry!!

This shot shows the mass cavalry melee in the British centre,after much to-ing and fro-ing,the French got the better of my cavalry,and a morale test saw them moving in a "rearwards direction".

This a most disgraceful photo of the Scots Greys and a bunch of infantry making their way to the rear and heralded the end of the game,with the French victorious but bloodied.

This is the "Coup de Grace" the French Guard attacking the British HQ,ie the farmhouse where Wellingto was observing the battle from,it was such a forgone conclusion that we didn't even bother to fight the melee!!

Thre's always thursday to look forward to!

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