Saturday, 30 June 2012

Legio Nova's Maiden Battle.29.6.2012.vs Paul

Let me introduce you to Legio Nova,possibly the greatest fighting machine ever to be put onto a wargames table-well, until last night !when a horrible bunch of Barbarians beat the c--p out of them!!
This shot shows most of the Legion,Prince August mould -your-own figures,before the game started,very pretty. A close up shot of the cohorts,simple but effective paint job.

Yeah,yeah,very pretty,we get the idea.My position was weak on the flanks but very strong in the centre,Paul was strong througout his whole army and used his troop types well,to pin my centre and attack my left flank,which was held by auxilliaries and some cavalry,he crushed this flank in a very short space of time!!

This shows Paul's pinning move,his warbands moving up slowly,whilst his right flank troops moved against my aux.infantry in the background.

Eventually,when both my flanks were engaged,the Barbarians attacked my legion,in the first few melees I was successful,but weight of numbers and some Diabolical dice throwing (it's funny how we always blame bad dice throws,isn't it?) saw the legion being slowly forced back in the centre.

This shot shows my left flank heavily engaged and outnumbered,and eventually surrounded!

This is my right flank,consisting of good cavalry,and good aux. infantry,in a good position,Paul hesitated to attack this flank until my centre was in trouble,the tactic paid off, and the cohort I was sending to this flank,had to turn around and defend itself instead.

The battle in full swing in the centre,my left flank has just collapsed,and the warbands can just be seen coming round the mountain (that could be a song!)

This scene shows the position at the end of the game,my right flank is ok,for the time but my centre has gone, as well as my left flank,so it's back to Rome and report a victory!!!!!

this was as usual a great game ,good fun,and of course it's always good to see an untried army on the board for the first time,even though it was beaten.

No game this Sunday-football final,but roll on next week.

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