Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mahratta Update

Here are a few photos of my first Mahratta unit to receive their flag which has just arrived from The Virtual Armchair General (TVAG) who is based in the U.S.

TVAG does a comprehensive range of flags to cover the 2nd Anglo Mahratta war. For $35 I received almost 100 flags and, while they are obviously not of the quality you would expect from, say GMB, they are a good balance of quality and price. I really like them.

Patrick Wilson the owner of TVAG is a real gentlemen and answered any queries I had promptly and with good humour. The order was dispatched the same day I confirmed it and would have arrived in 7 days if the Her Majestys Customs hadn't got their mits on it!
   I will post more photos soon as the units receive their flags. Figures as usual are by Redoubt.



  1. The original edition of Skinner's memoir contains neither maps nor index and whilst Pearse's biography of Lake only has generalised maps (no battle plans) and no index. Quite agree about the Osprey, more could have been written but the MAA format is quite restrictive. To do the subject justice would have required perhaps two or three MAA books

    Another useful read if you can come across it is Shelford Bidwell's Swords for Hire: European Mercenaries in Eighteenth-Century India, Jon Murray 1972. Not strong on maps but deals with Skinner and a host of his contemporaries. The Grant & Asquith booklet is first rate pity it was not oped into a full scale book.

  2. Hi, I have only just read your comment from august, my apologies. I have indeed procured Bidwell's book and it is excellent. I particularly like his analysis of Assaye which is far more believable than the usual British view of a small army massively outnumbered advancing into the teeth of 100 or so guns and still triumphing. I think his conclusion that only Pohlmanns reduced brigade fought at Assaye is probably correct. Thank you, very belatedly, for your comments.