Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Iron Age Fort-Construction.

Since buying two roundhouses and a storage hut,it has always been my intention to build an Iron Age Fort,so an injured back and no games last week was the ideal opportunity to start this project.As most illustrations show a round stockade, I hit on the idea of using a 14" cake stand as my base,using "hobby sticks" for the stockade and painting the base.After a bit of thought,I decided to cover the base with the artificial grass we use on our wargames board instead of painting the base.
So, the first photo shows the cake base with the hobby sticks stuck around it,I used "tacky" P.V.A. for the glue to give me a better chance of getting the thing stuck to the base and not to me!! This process took alot of time and getting the sticks vertical was a challenge, a close inspection will reveal just how vertical some of them are! Another shot of the first stage completed.

I put the buildings in the fort just to see what the proportions were and what space I had to work with,it also gave me feel of what the finished article would look like.

This is a better shot of what the first stage looked like,and my preparation for varnishing the sticks.

This shot shows the "grass" circle with huts etc. on it ,again to give me an idea of what it would look like.

The sticks have been varnished using a fast drying varnish,you can see that I have put a sort of gantry on top of the gate section,ready to hold a shield gantry,I have also painted an inch of the base around the bottom of the stockade in case the "grass" wasn't a good fit ( as if !!) You can see the unpainted shield gantry at the bottom right of the photo,these were shields I had left over from Lancashire Games figs.

"grass" in situ and the whole thing feels like it is coming together nicely.

Nearly complete,just shields to paint and the gantry to be stuck down.

The completed fort with shield gantry and huts in place,I have decided not to build a gate for the fort so I can easily take figures in and out without damaging the structure,I will probably use some sort of barricade instead.

Side view of completed fort.

View from the rear showing "comely wenches" cooking in front of thatched huts,what would "health and safety" say about that?

I quite enjoyed making this fort,even though my modelling skills are somewhat low level,no doubt this fort will be seen on as many occasions as possible over the next few weeks,it should make it's public appearance at "Border Reiver " show in September.

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