Friday, 22 June 2012

Ancient game,Germans vs Romans.21.6.2012.

Thursday's game was set around 9AD just after Arminius the German had wiped out 3 full legions in the Teutoburgerwald forest.The scenario was that Arminius was coming to wipe out the last frontier post,being defended by Auxilliaries.Paul was the German commander and I was the Roman commander.
The photo below shows the Roman set up before the game started,solid lines of infantry,backed up by cavalry,with a strong contingent in the fort consisting of archers and catapults, what could possibly go wrong? Well, this shot shows what could possibly go wrong!! Germans,thousands of them!!

This is ARMINIUS,leading his tribes forward,a converted figure from Warrior.

This is the Roman commander,safely observing the battle from the safety(?) of the fort.

My Roman cav. caught the leading warband of the Cheruchi crossing the stream and inflicted heavy losses on them,I then retired the cav. and replaced them with infantry,however the ever increasing numbers of Germans began to tell and I was forced back.

This shows the German attack on my left flank by the Tencteri tribe , who we classed as "raw",my infantry made "mince meat" of them,but Paul had backed them up with first class veterans,the Suebi,who made "mince meat" of my troops!

This shows a general picture early on during the game,with the Germans just attacking my left flank,with the other tribes moving to attack along my whole front

This is Paul's attack by his Lemovi tribe against my centre,in the background the heavy Roman cav. are retiring,they eventually reformed and charged back into the Germans,and held on for a while until being wiped out!

This is the final shot,very few Romans to be seen,apart from the fort defenders.

Once again, a very enjoyable game,and a fitting end to a week of wargaming.We won't be playing on Sunday because of the football,but I'm trying to arrange a day game with Dave early on in the week,which should be good-25mm American Civil War.

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