Saturday, 1 September 2012

Border Reiver Show.1.9.12.

Having just got back from the Border Reiver show at Gateshead Stadium,I thought I would give a little review of how the show went.
We put on an Ancients demonstration game (Romans vs Britons) which was well received judging by the number of people who stopped at our table for a chat.We got some good comments and were asked some interesting questions,about the figures,our rules,the way we play etc. etc.
The venue was very good,good lighting,lots of space,easy parking,the only "downer" was the lack of refreshments (although there was a mobile food van in the car park,which disappeared at 11.30 !!) The photo above shows the legions poised to attack.

Above are Allan and Dave cuddling!! This was before the game started and the venue opened.

This is a typical shot during the whole session,Graham is showing the Prince August figures and information to an interested gamer,we seemed to be talking during the whole of the day,which was good and showed alot of people that you don't need expensive rules and figures to have a good,free-flowing and interesting game.

This is an overall shot of our table with Dave explaing the "finer" points of the way we play.

This photo shows the game at about move number 6,the Legions and the Britons have "clashed",this attracted alot of interest,and gamers were actually coming from their own games to see what was happening.

This shot shows Dave contemplating his moves as his side of the board was the scene of my only victory! An interested gamer looks on and asks questions.

This photo was taken by Paul, just to show that I do exist !!I always seem to be behind the camera (looking at my face I can see why!!)

We all enjoyed the show and talking to so many interested people,not only other wargamers,but members of the non-wargaming community and traders.

A real let-down was that Prince August had "promised" to send me some "flyers" and marketing material,but they didn't!! I think this was a marketing opportunity missed,but hey what do I know?

Our thanks to Rob and all the other organisers for their great effort,we are looking forward to next year already!!


  1. What did you think of the show overall? I used to attend but haven't since I moved up to Scotland. There was a feeling on some forums that it had not been very well advertised.
    Your game looked to be a cracker by the way Ever thought about coming up to Scotland to put a game on? I'm involved in the organising of Carronade in Falkirk and we would love to have a few more clubs from south of the border attending.

    1. Hi David,thanks for comments,we enjoyed the show overall,however I think there was a bit of an imbalance in the demo. games,ie. 6 fantasy/futuristic games compared to 3 historical games.and maybe a better mix of traders.I think ,Paul has replied to your suggestion that we come up to your show in May 2013,but I can say categorically that we will be there,we've even discussed travel and accomodation.