Monday, 17 September 2012

Ancients game 16.9.12.Scots vs Romans.

We played an Ancients game last night,utilising the "winter terrain" from Thursday's game,however this time we were in Scotland pitching a Scots army gainst a Fort and a relieving column.Graham and I were Scots and Brian and Paul were the Romans.
The scenario is below,Brian was in charge of the fort and Paul was the relieving column,Graham was besieging the fort and blocking the gap,whilst I was attacking the relief force. This is an overall shot of the board,in the distance the relief force is just coming onto the table,whilst in the foreground the fort looks to be in real trouble,with warbands approaching fast!

A closer shot of the fort and its gallant defenders.

This is Paul's force,marching in double column,with cavalry at front and back,a wise move.

This is a shot of my warbands about to move across the stream and attack the Romans in the flank,Paul is too "wily" for that and formed his cohorts in a double line,chequer board formation,which stopped my warbands in their tracks for a while.

Paul's formation,including 3 TESTUDOS,first time on the table!!

This shot shows Graham's move towards the gap,after a while the law of diminishing returns started to apply,and a real bottle neck started,with neither Romans or Scots able to move!!

Graham is attacking the fort in this shot,Brian has launched his cavalry gainst a couple of warbands in an attempt to stop them surrounding the fort,this was quite successful.After a couple of melees against the walls,Graham actually got into the fort,but Brian reinforced his defenders and pushed him back out!!

This shot shows my centre advancing,I had held them back to see where Paul was positionong his cohorts,I saw an opportunity,and charged!Initially the Roman line held,but weight of number began to tell and eventually I managed to push a couple of cohorts back,and this started a "rot".

This is aphoto of the central battle,with the Romans fighting on their flanks and front,this was real wargames pressure!

Graham's warbands are "retiring" in this shot,with Brian,hands in pocket (surely not still looking for his plums!) yelling abuse after them>

This shot is the "gap" where alot the fighting took place,Graham's warbands are being shot at by Roman skirmishers.

It's all over now,cohorts being pushed back in the centre,and the relief force was never going to get to the fort,give in Brian and ask for terms,we'll treat you well,honest!!

This was another good game,with lots going on and never a dull moment,roll on Thursday.

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