Thursday, 13 September 2012

Napoleonic game 13.9.12.

This morning we had a thrilling and exciting game,including some "magic moments",and an incident involving Brian's plums!!
This is the scenario,Dave and I took the French commands and Paul,Graham and Brian took the Russians.I suppose this was really a straight forward "bash" with both sides attacking each other,but it was areally good game.
This is an overall view of the table with the French on the left and the Russians on the right,a small town filled with Guard units is in the foreground. This shot shows the heavily contested French left flank, and of course the Russian right flank,before any action .The stream was crossable with no deduction,so this area was ripe for attacks.

This shot shows the "move of the game",Paul advanced a unit of Cossacks against my gun battery,which forced my gunners to retire behind the inf. line,thus stopping me from Cannistering the approaching Russian inf.He then retired the Cossacks,leaving me "high and dry".

This is agood indication of the action along the whole length of the board,we had everything including,fire-fights,cavalry melees and infantry melees,good stuff!

This photo shows Dave's attack across the stream with two lines of inf. supported by cavalry and guns,it was to prove an attack too many however,as he was eventually thrown back by "dogged" Russian infantry,and a well placed shot from Brian's gun battery.

Undaunted,Dave launches his left flank cavalry against Graham's cavalry,however Dave was beaten eventually and was forced to retire,exposing his flank.

This shot shows Paul's attack on the town and my infantry line,I managed to stop his first attack,but a second column of grenadiers marched up to the walls and took my Guard inf. on!!

This is either a new "boy band" or a line up for "crime stoppers"

This shows Graham contemplating his victory on his flank,whilst Brian has got his troops deployed in line,behind Graham's "pounded and pummelled" line of infantry.

This is Paul's mass attack on the town,our centre and left flank had gone and we decided that all was lost for the French army.

This is the final photo showing the "gloating" Russian cavalry and the "skulking" French cavalry,never mind ,there's always another day !!

It was good to get us all together,especially as the game was so good,roll on Sunday !!


  1. What a great looking game.Thanks.

    1. Thanks Rodger,it's quite strange but whenever we put that white cloth on the board,it feels cold and wintery.
      Keep the comments coming,we appreciate them all.