Monday, 10 September 2012

The Testudo Factory keeps producing!

For this,my third Warrior Miniatures Testudo,I elected to base the figures in three's for ease and quickness of painting,this proved to be a good decision,and enabled me to complete the Testudo in record time.
This first photo shows the figs. stuck onto their bases and painting bases. Another shot showing the three's.ready to be undercoated.

This shot shows the testudo undercoated.

Shields painted and flesh on,in this photo.

All figures painted and ready to be based,in the shot below.

Testudo on its base awaiting flock and rocks etc. to be put on.

All three on the table,this gives a good idea of what they will all look like.

Another angle of all three completed Testudos,only two to go!!

If John at Warrior Miniatures is reading this blog,I would love some feed-back or comments,cheers!!

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