Monday, 24 September 2012

Ancients game,Macedonians vs Indians 22.9.12.

Last night's game revolved around an Indian town being beseiged by a Macedonian army,and the town being relieved by two Indian armies.I took the part of Alexander and Brian and Graham took the parts of the Indian commanders.
The above photo shows the town being attacked,ladders in place,and seige towers in the front of the main gate.
This is a shot of the "epic" struggle in the centre,with the Indians beating the Phalanx with a combination of chariots,elephants and infantry,imagine my surprise when Graham( commanding the Indians on this flank)announced that he couldn't win and that I had the advantage!!
This shows the town being defended by Brian,a good job he made of it too,I only managed to get one of my units into the town,the other three being thrown out with great skill.

I seem to have "lost" the other photo's I inserted onto this wonderful blog interface,they're probably floating around in "cyberspace" somewhere!!

The outcome of the battle was somewhat confused,with Graham giving up when he had me beat,and Brian beating me on his flank,and suddenly I was announced the winner by Graham!!Brian was willing to fight on but as the alliance was shattered there was no point.
The highlight of the game was when Brian sent an elephant unit to Graham's assistance,this was consequently beaten in a melee and was forced to retire into Graham's infantry!! and caused alot of confusion and chaos,forcing Graham's infantry to also retire,maybe that's what made Graham think he couldn't win,never mind we'll be playing on Thursday.


  1. Cavalry,Elephants,is there no end to this Mans
    Military skills!!

    1. Oh yes there is,read next blog for confirmation!!!!!