Thursday, 27 September 2012

Zulu Game 27.9.12.

Paul,Brian and myself had a very exciting Zulu game this morning,Brian was in charge of the British contingent,and Paul and I commanded the Zulus.
Brian had to defend a camp and stores area,he had patrols out in all directions, and information was continually being pased to him via the different patrols,he had to make decisions based on the information and adjust his dispositions to suit.
This is a shot of part of Brian's defences,on his left flank,this was assailed by the Zulu Right horn,who actually made it to the barricade and fought with the companies stationed there.
 This shows the stores area,defended by one company of British soldiers,who defeated any attempts by the Zulus to break in by volley fire alone! Also attached to this photo(god knows how!!) is the British central position awaiting the Zulu attack.
This is agood shot of the British right flank before the game really started,in the background you can see acompany of the 88th coming in from piquet duty,these formidable troops ended up bayonet charging a regiment of Zulus,and securing that flank,towards the end of the game!!
This shows the Zulu centre attacking the British centre,although the centre regiments were decimated by volley fire the reserve regiments managed to contact and melee with the British and forced them back.

This is the British right flank,and the Zulu left horn moving into position,whilst coming under heavy fire from rifle and battery fire.

An all action shot,with Zulu regiments pressing forward and putting Brian under pressure.

The Zulu centre regiments being "slaughtered" by volley fire and gun fire.

This shot shows a Zulu regiment about to attack the stores area,unfortunately they were shot to pieces and never actually got into contact !!

Same photo,not paying attention!!

The one success I had on my flank,a regiment of Zulus managed to get stuck into a company of British and "B" battery R.H.A.,however this is when the 88th decided to charge my flank and drove me off!!

The Zulu centre has been stopped and the reserve regiments are being deployed,in the background you can see Paul's attack on the waggons and camp,just about to start.

This shot shows the area in front of the stores clear of all "hostiles",and so it remained for the rest of the game.

Brian looking "smug" a great victory,but there's no need to rub it in!!

This was a good game,Brian hadn't fought this period for a long time,and afterwards he confessed that he " would have to have alie down in a darkened room to recover"

Roll on the next game.


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