Friday, 7 September 2012

Napoleonic game 6.9.12.

Last night we had a Napoleonic game,and were joined by Brian,who we met at Border Reiver show.I was in charge of a combined Anglo-Portuguese army,which was supported by a few units of Spanish on move number 3.Paul was General Delaborde,in charge of a French division,and Dave was General Masena,in charge of another French division.
The scenario had a few twists and turns attached to it,including limited shots for the gun batteries,poor morale status for the Poruguese and Westphalians,and a roving "Guerrilla" band!
The shot below shows Paul's first assault on my position on the Right flank,his infantry is being cannistered,however this didn't deter his attack too much. This is Paul assaulting the town (which was the whole objective of the game),he was driven back by my "raw" port. infantry.

This photo shows my right flank,just as Dave's horse artillery battery is giving my light dragoons a "whiff of grapeshot"-they didn't like it much, and took off into the blue,never to be seen again!!

This shot is taken from the French side of the board and shows the furious fire-fight on the British right flank.

Another shot showing the combined forces of Masena and Delaborde
shooting the hell out of my British and Portuguese,note Paul's infantry getting ready to attack the town.

Although Brian hadn't played our rules before,he bravely took command of the allies left flank,and this shot shows his advance onto the flank of the French attacking the town.

This shows my troops behind the town,being forced back by sheer weight of numbers,in the background you can see a regiment of Portuguese "retiring" from the town,luckily I had another regiment in place to stem the French tide.( for a while!!)

This is Brian's finest hour,his Spanish horse artillery battery is just about to open fire on a French (Swiss) square whilst his light dragoons have over-run a gun battery.

This is the END.French troops entering the town,after a furious melee,my right flank had collapsed and I had nothing left to fight with.Well done to Dave and Paul,for a good battle plan,and well done to Brian for not giving up hope while my battle plan unravelled before his eyes.

Again, a good solid game,everyone enjoyed the fight,roll on Sunday,we hope to see Brian again then.

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