Sunday, 23 September 2012

Marlburian game 20.9.12.Spanish vs Allies.

This shows the Spanish troops preparing to defend the flank,at the end of the game.
This shot shows the final British/Austrian attacks on the defences.
Come back Spanish cavalry!!

Big gap in British main line.

Austrians being "ejaculated" from the village.
British troops crossing the stream,being met by "poor" Spanish cavalry.
Brian!! what are you doing,those are your best cavalry being shot at from the village.
Graham's guns have pounded a breach in the defences,however he didn't take advantage of the gap,who knows why not!!
This is the flank commanded by Paul,a good mix of infantry and cavalry supported by a gun battery.
This is the Spanish left flank commanded by myself,the Infantry was "steady" but the cavalry was "poor",the result when attacked was "predictable"
This shot shows part of Brian's defences,in front of the town,he did a brilliant job of holding them,against great odds.
This is a view from the Allies side of the board,showing the town and defences.
This is the scenario.
Astute readers of the blog will have realised that this blog is not of the same standard as previous blogs,this is because "BLOGGER" have decided to change the Interface(??!!), and as i'm not great with computers under any circumstances,I have had tremendous difficulties in working out what to do etc.Never mind things can only get better!!
Roll on Sunday.

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