Friday, 12 October 2012

Ancients game 11.10.12. vs Brian and Paul

We had a seriously exciting and interesting game last night,with migrating Gallic tribes trying to cross the Rhone,being opposed by Auxilliary Roman units of Infantry and Cavalry.

Brian and Paul were the Romans and I commanded the Gauls.
The simple scenario is shown above,nothing complicated,even the terrain was simple,it just shows what you can achieve with wargaming if you use your imagination.

This is the overall view of the board,with my Gauls about to start their attack.My plan was to attack both towers at the same time and also launch a feint chariot attack against the Romans lining the river bank,this was to be a diversion,and they were to swerve away at the last minute and shower the defenders with javelins,prior to the infantry charging in conjunction with the cavalry,don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

This shot shows my chariots (first time on the board-from Warrior) veering away after having hurled javelins at the very surprised Romans,you can also se the infantry poised to charge next move!!

This shows Paul's hill being attacked by slingers as aprelude to the warbands getting stuck in.Both hills held out for a long time,in fact Brian's hill was still in Roman hands at the end of the game.

The shot below is of Brian's hill,which he doggedly defended,even though I continually threw warbands at it.

The photo below shows the tremendous battle at the river's edge,with cavalry and infantry mixed,each side sending more and more troops to try and swing the balance.

I tried to outflank Paul's hill using my light cavalry,this can only be called a big mistake!!,he not only beat them soundly but managed to push them back into my follow-up warband,who had toretire and leave the cavalry to their fate!!

Paul's Romans were not made of the same stuff as Brian's,and fled the hill after a massive assault,as this was one of the game objectives,i.e. get over the river in numbers,I suppose this was really the start of the end for the Romans,however we played on!!

A Roman victory! The Gauls have been pushed back from the river's edge in this shot,however I had cavalry moving up to support and warbands reforming,ready to be sent into the fray again.

The final push,Gallic troops gaining the advantage (good old chariots!) what you can't see out of the picture is the Roman infantry streaming away!!

This final photo shows Brian's hill,still intact at the end of the game,how I don't know!!

On Sunday our mate Michael is coming down from Aberdeen,and bringing some of his figures,pitting them against Dave's figures,so we are all expecting a good game.Roll on Sunday.

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