Friday, 26 October 2012

The Pacific,1942

We wargamers are nothing if not flexible in our approach to the games we play,and to this end,Paul,Brian and I had a rather different game last night,involving Aerial combat in the Pacific theatre !!
We ended up having two games,for the first game Brian commanded the Americans,consisting of USS Enterprise (aircraft carrier) two Corsairs and two P40's,whilst Paul and I commanded the Japanese,consisting of four Zero fighters.Brian had to bomb our base,we had to bomb his ship.

this is a shot of one of our Zero fighters taking off from the base.

Here is the Enterprise with her "escorts",after a few moves,Paul and I both came to the conclusion that Brian must have been a "top gun" fighter pilot in the R.A.F. in a past life,because he shot the proverbial s--t out of us in the subsequent fight!!
Paul and I came up with this cunning plan,he would take on the might of the American air force,whilst I would sneak around the flank and bomb the carrier.This plan would have worked except that Brian had "second guessed" us and sent a plane to intercept mine!

The shot above shows on of the Zeros that happened to bypass the corsairs,attacking the carrier, and being fired upon by anti-aircraft guns,the reult was that the zero was shot down!! However we did manage to score a hit with another of our planes,and slowed the carrier down to half speed.

A Japanese success! One of Brian's aka "the Red Baron" P40 in trouble,Paul managed to shoot this plane down, as it was heading towards the base,two other planes did manage to get through our ac/ac fire and bomb our base to bits!!

This photo shows the Japanese base under heavy battack from two Corsairs,the ac/ac gunners on the base must have had their eyes shut when aiming the guns,because they missed every time,allowing the Americans to drop their bombs.

The base in flames! With Brians superior flying skills we didn't stand a chance,see next photo!

Oh dear, Zero going down,bringing the total number of aircraft we had left to ZERO !!

The second game we had saw me vs Brian, cos Paul had to go and pick up one of his daughters,who had been to see a Boy Band.( we both thought that he secretly wanted to get his photo taken with them and get their autographs!!)

I took command of the Americans and it was just a re-run of the first game! It must be that the Japanese air force was not up to scratch tonight!

Both games were very enjoyable,and it makes a change from figure gaming.
roll on Sunday,when we will have a depleted crew,but will,of course, still have a good game-probably Ancients.

This final photo is of some Austrian Seven Years War cavalry that Paul bought on Ebay,he brought them up for us to OOH and AAGH over,very nice figures,and well based too,when can we see them on the Board Paul??

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