Friday, 5 October 2012

Greeks vs Persians,4.10.12. vs Paul

Paul and I played a "gripping" ancients game last night,using the same terrain as the afternoon game with Brian,only the Greeks were on the hills and the Persians were attcking them.Paul had his Spartans on his right flank,with his centre covered by a multitude of Hoplites,supported by light inf. and skirmish troops,his left was held by heavy cavalry.
On my side of the board,my left consisted of Mercenary Hoplites and Immortals,with a couple of units of archers,meanwhile my centre was made up of "poor" axemen,and good spearmen,supported by skirmish troops,my right flank was made up of heavy cavalry.

The above photo shows the overall view ,with the Persians on the right, and the Greeks on the left,Spartans on the end of the table,facing mercenaries and Immortals.

This shows the Persian centre,axemen and spearmen,I advanced the axemen as quickly as possible and took on the opposing Hoplites,I was,of course,mauled badly!! however I inflicted casualties on the Hoplites which counted against them when I put my spearmen into the "fray" later on.

This is my left flank,Mercenary Hoplites and Immortals,I extended my line and hit the advancing Spartans in the flank,and after a tremendous struggle,eventually surrounded the Spartans and anhialated them!!

This is Paul's centre,Hoplites and light troops,cavalry reserve in background, he used these well and supported his left flank with them to outnumber me,this had mixed fortunes,as I won one cavalry battle and he won the other,and so it remained until the end of the game.

Look at those imposing Spartans! Paul decided to bring them off their hill and attack me whilst I was advancing,the ensuing melees lasted until the last move,and swung both ways,with some terrible dice throws from both of us,combined with some good throws,this was the stuff of real wargames!!

This shot shows my Axemen being severely "mauled" by Paul's Hoplites in the centre,but note the advancing Spearmen,who took on his Hoplites and after a struggle both side could make no headway,so that eventually led Paul to ask for a draw,which I was happy to accept.

This is the "titanic" struggle for the Persian left flank,with the Spartans clashing with my Mercenary Hoplites,and the Immortals moving onto the flanks.

Spartans about to be surrounded,the ignomy of it! With your shield or on it!!

This shows the Cavalry battle on the right flank of the Persians,this was agood "tussle" and Paul handled his forces well,managing to support both of his units with his reserve unit,it has to be said with mixed results,but very effective.

This is the battle in the centre which raged on until the end of the game,Paul's heavier Hoplites gave me a good "drubbing" but somehow I managed to hold on to most of my Spear units,although Paul did have the advantage at the end.

Bye,bye Spartans,surrounded at last,with no escape Paul capitulated on this flank,but gave me a bloody nose on the other flank,so a draw was a fair result.

This is the final shot,Paul's Hoplites pushing my Spearmen back,with my reserve cavalry just holding some troops on the flank,although I knew I couldn't hold them much longer.

Roll on the next game.

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