Monday, 8 October 2012

English Civil War.7.10.12.

We had an E.C.W. game last night,involving a storming of a Royalist defence works,and the intercepting of a "powder" waggon due for the defences.
Brian and I were the Royalists and Paul was the attacking Parliamentarians,I was not coming onto the board until move number 4 with a relieving force-too late was the cry!!
Brian was outnumbered by two to one initially,and managed to hold out for a long while against Paul's ferocious attacks by cavalry and infantry.
The first photo shows the first of many cavalry clashes,Paul had sent all of his cavalry to outflank and prevent the powder waggon fron getting to the defences,however Brian was quick to spot the move and sent his elite Rupert's Horse to counter this.An "impassable" marsh was not Impassable and you can see Paul's commanded musketeers splashing their way through it,these troops did alot of damage to Brian's cavalry,and eventually upset his whole flank!!

The above shot is of Paul's infantry attack against the defences,this is such a colouful period,I don't know why we don't play it more often.Brians inf. shot the attackers but couldn't stop them getting into melee.

Hurrah John has arrived with the reief force,but has along way to go to catch up with the action!!

The photo below shows Paul's cavalry being beaten in melee and being forced back into his infantry,now that's a thing we rarely see!!

This is the parliamentarians being "ejected" from the defences,after a long melee,in which they managed to get into the defences and inflict some very unkind damage the defenders.

This was Paul's "finest hour",his outflanking move to the left of the defences took both Brian and I by complete surprise,Brian did manage to get one unit to fire on them,but weight of numbers etc.etc.

This shot shows the fire-fight at the defences form the Parliamentarian side of the table,Paul put in such an intense attack,it was really only a matter of time before Brian's forces crumbled,and I was still too far away to help!!

Oh dear, Brian's Lifeguards are being "chased" through the defences by Paul's cavalry,and look the powder waggon has finally made it ! This was the beginning of the end,with his defences breached (purple unit) and his cavalry in disarray,and his relief force "fannying about " somewhere on the board, the Royalist cause was lost.

This final photo has been put in just to show that I did actually get engaged with the Parliamentarians!!

This was another good game, and although Brian felt he was under "the cosh" most of the game,he bravely managed to hold on for a lot longer than I thought he would.

Roll on Thursday.


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