Monday, 1 October 2012

Marlburian game 31.9.12.

Paul put on a "cracking" game last night,consisting of French and Allies against British and Allies.The game itself was a "take" on the Seven Years War battle of Kolin,transposed to Marlburian times.
The French under Dave,Graham and Brian,were making a long outflanking move against a well prepared and situated British force under Paul and John.The French had the usual 1/3rd more troops than the British and as it turned out they needed them!!

This is a shot of the defnded farmhouse,before the battle started,the British Grenadiers stoutly defended the position until overun by weight of numbers,you can see in the background the British central position,but what you can not see is the hidden gun battery and cavalry,in the woods!!

This photo shows the massive French column,starting on its outflanking march,there was still 7 infantry regiments and a gun battery to come onto the board!!

In this shot the French are just beginning to bombard the village,after an initial bombardment the French advanced to fire-fight and then charged into melee,the fight swung both ways but eventually the brave British infantry were forced to retire.

Once the French column swung into line,Paul found himself faced by 6 infantry regiments and 4 cavalry regiments,this shot shows the "over eager" French guard being shot at by Paul's infantry and the ,now exposed,gun battery,whilst his cavalry head for the flank.

This shows a Bavarian force attacking my flank,they had to cross a stream under fire from a combination of British and Dutch infantry,and suffered heavy casualties,however they persevered and put me under considerable pressure for a while.

This shot shows the French infantry advancing and their cavalry being beaten in the first of many melees on top of the hill,some good and some bad dice were thrown by both sides,and eventually an impasse was reached with neither side having an advantage,this was to lead to the offer of an honourable "draw" to the British, which was accepted.

This is the final photo,and shows the French still trying to capture the village,being held by the Dutch Guards this time!
this was a fantastic game by any standards,and well done to Paul for putting it on,now come on the rest of the group,thinking caps on and come up with a game ,or it's Ancients for the rest of our wargaming lives!!

Roll on Thursday.

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