Friday, 19 October 2012

Two games in one day,I love retirement!

I may have said it before and I'll probably say it again,but I love retirement,it has meant I have had two great games in the same day:the first game was against Brian on Thursday morning and involved a Marlburian battle,the second was against Paul on Thursday night and involved an Ancient battle.

Brian gave me a right old "toasting" this morning,his "british" army knocked me for six at every step,we've obviously taught him our rules too well.The above photo shows the British advancing and firing on my hapless Bavarians,trying to defend a ridge,whilst on the left,out of shot,a cavalry battle was going on,I did manage to beat Brian in the first rounds but then he got the better of me in the subsequent rounds!!

This shows the cavalry battle on the central plain,my dismounted dragoons on windmill hill have just beaten back Brian's first assault,however I had only two shots with my dragoons,and he assaulted a second time with a combination of infantry and cavalry,and beat me !!

This shows the "demise" of my infantry holding(?) the ridge,almost all of my units who were called upon to test morale.failed and "retired".

With my dragoons in square and the rest of them cowering in terror in the windmill grounds,my infantry streaming away,I had no alternative but to declare Brian the winner-he put it down to skill and tactical ability,I put it down to beginners luck!! Me, a bad loser ? Nooooooooo!!

Tonight's game involves a Roman legion taking on local tribes ,nothing new there then! The roman auxilliaries had been tasked to burn a nearby hill fort,which,as it turned out was defended by Noble infantry.

This is the fort,which I made a while back,and have never had it on the board until now,this was the scene of some heavy fighting,with my Nobles taking on Paul's "raw" auxilliary infantry.

This is the overall view of the table,with the fort in the foreground,the aux. column moving towards it, and the Romans facing the Barbarians in the distance.

From the first move both side's cavalry were determined to beat the opposition,the cavalry battle went on for the whole game with both Paul and I throwing in infantry support and extra cavalry units,and even at one point both commanders were in there fighting !! After a great melee I was the eventual winner,and once the Roman cavalry were beaten,their whole right flank was exposed.

The barbarian war bands attacking all along the Roman line,with javelins whistling and pila thudding you could hardly hear yourself speak!!For a while the Romans won the melees,but once my second line got stuck in,the advantage turned my way.

Meanwhile on a nearby hill!! Paul's "raw" auxilliary infantry take on my "veteran" noble infantry,result-inevitable!!However it must be said,that,because I was outnumbered,I had to put myself into the fight to add an extra couple of points,otherwise I think I might have lost!!

The final shot, the Romans are in dis-array,my cavlary are triumphant on the flank,it's all over.

Two very good games,both as enjoyable as the other,roll on Sunday,when we'll be having a Seven Years War battle using my Prince August 40mm figures,should be good

Here is apicture from my latest brain scan!!! I love retirement,have I mentioned that before????

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