Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jacobite Game vs Brian,4.10.12.

Brian and I played this game on Thursday,he was in charge of the "English" army and I was in charge(?) of the Scots.
The battle map and scenario are in the first photo's below, and above.

The next photo shows the Scots centre,a formidable looking bunch!!

The view below is the overall view of the table with Scots on their hills,divided by a small stream,and the English on the plain,just waiting for the inevitable  Scots charge.

The next two shots are of the commanders,General Irving and James.

I don't know what has happened to James! He's probably gone for a wee,wee!! (Scottish joke!)

This shows the "Dogs of War" from Warrior's Border Reiver range,in fact all of the Scots shown in these photo's are from Warrior.

The photo above is of "Freddie" the shepherd (only Geordies and Newcastle United fans will get that joke!!),he stayed on the table for the whole game as shot and shell fell all around him-please note, no sheep were hurt in the making of this game.

The photo below shows "bonnie wee lassies" cooking the Scot's porridge,before,during and after the battle.This is what most wargamers call battlefield "clutter",and I must admit I think it can look quite good,and sets the scene.

This shot shows the English left flank,solidly held by Hanoverian and English troops,supported by a gun and cavalry.
This is the Scot's right flank,led by James,beginning their fatal attack on the English left flank,a cobination of cannister and volley fire saw two out of the three clans swept from the board,before they could make contact!!
"GOTCHA!!,Brians only mistake of this game,his cavalry charged into the flank of an advancing clan,only to be charged in turn by another clan,the result was what you would expect-total defeat!!
The photo below shows the Scots putting the English under real pressure,however Brian held a good position and managed to beat off all attacks.
The photo above shows the "inevitable" retreat of the Scots,Brian played very well,by holding his positions.We had decided that the Scots should throw random movement dice,and this was my downfall,I couldn't co-ordinate my attacks,however I think it was fairly realistic, and have no complaints about my defeat.

This was avery good game,and threw up problems for both sides.
I've said it before and I'll say it again,"retirement is great",which means that I'll be playing Paul tonight (two games in one day!!) we'll be playing over the same terrain as this morning,but the sides will be Greek Hoplites against Persians,and then there will be Sunday's game to look forward to.
ssies,just how much porridge can one army eat??


  1. Great game John you had me under the Cosh from the off but steady British Musketry won the day for me not forgetting cold Steel because they dont like it up em well not in those Kilts anyway!! Brian.