Sunday, 28 October 2012

Successor Battle vs Brian.

As this was going to be Brian's first ancient game in total command,I decided to do a Successors Battle,and included in both sides would be,Light troops,Phalanx troops,Peltasts,Elephants,and of course Cavalry.

This is the scenario,with Brian as Antonigus,and me as Seluccus.

This is a shot of my beautiful lines before the game started,elephants in the distance,phalanx in the centre,and out of shot,my light troops guarding my right flank.

This is Brian's line before the battle commenced,a mirror image of my lines.

This shows Brian's unusual "chequer-board formation" with his Phalanx units,he was hoping to throw me off balance by advancing in this formation,luring me into the gaps-no chance!!

  This is a shot of my "arrow" formation moving forward,I had hoped to attack Brian's centre,whilst holding back my wings.
The two phalanxes clash,centre first then the whole line,I was successful in almost all of the melees,and pushed Brian back,however on both flanks my luck was not so good,my light troops were being beaten and pushed back,and on my left flank,my peltasts,after initial success,were beaten by a combination of peltasts and elephants.

What a mess!! my light troops are losing everwhere,although I am winning a heavy cavalry battle in the centre of this shot.Brians tactic of using his heavy cavalry against my light troops paid off,and he won this flank convincingly.

On my left flank things were not going well too,this shot shows my peltasts being driven back onto my support unit,how did that happen??

The final photo,my elephants meleeing with Brian's,you will notice a two to one advantage to me,however I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,by throwing a most miserable dice score,and lost!!

With his elephants rampaging all over me, and his peltasts pushing mine back,and his light troops victorious on the other flank,Brian was declared the winner.( even though I had "ploughed" through his centre with my phalanx!!)

This was a good game (if your name is Brian!) and very enjoyable,roll on Thursday.


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