Friday, 15 February 2013

Ancients game,14.2.13.

Last night ,the "three musketeers" ie Brian, Paul, and John (me!) played a fairly big Ancients game,pitting a Carthaginian army against an Imperial Roman army.
We had a good and exciting game,with Brian and I against Paul ( well, it was his legion after all!)

After a long and hard tussle,Paul won the game,but not before Brian had stormed into a village on Paul's right flank,and I slowly,but surely,moved the bulk of our army relentlessly forward,only to be met with a storm of Pila,which broke the back of my troops. Melee followed melee,Elephants rampaged about the place,units broke and ran,then were rallied,and shoved back into the fray-----what a game.The pictures below tell the story!!

This is the general set-up,Carthaginians on the left, with Romans on the right of the picture,and of course,the brothers Grim!!

Roman aux. inf. defending the village,not for long,eh Brian ??

Brian's Celts and Spaniards advance to attack the village.

My centre heavy inf. and elephants advance to sweep the Romans away,well, that was the plan!!
Didn't quite work out though!!

Village taken,job done!! hello,whats this? Romans coming around to attack the attackers!! that's not fair!

Brian's cavalry are not doing too well either,despite his commander and support troops,these cavalry decided to take off and head for a better army to fight for!

My spear armed troops have made contact with the Romans positioned on the far left hill,----they "bounced" off the Romans,of course!! Almost game over at this stage,however I had managed to win one melee,with my elephant,and actually penetrated Paul's lines.

Final shot,village re-captured,centre being pushed back,along with my right flank,and Paul is declared the winner-Bloody Romans,what have they ever done for us??

On a lighter note,Brian is becoming a most "prolific" painter,and his latest offering are these Plastic Marlburian figures,from his expanding Danish Corps.

A "cracking" paint job,glorious colours, and well based,keep 'em coming Brian !!

I have been working on a project over the last few weeks,which involves Roger's Rangers and Mohawk-type Indians,from the French and Indian wars, I will get some photo's taken next week,and hopefully we'll be ready to play our first game with them in a couple of weeks.

I actually ordered all of the figures from Warrior miniatures on the 21st Jan. and received them on the 23rd Jan. Great customer service,200 figures in 2 days!!

Roll on Sunday,probably a Marlburian game,involving a Danish contingent,no doubt !

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