Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Napoleonic game 6.2.13.,Allan,Brian,John

Our old mate Allan joined Brian and I for a Napoleonic game this morning,Austro-Prussians vs French.

Allan took command of the Austrians,I took command of the Prussians,and Brian took command of the French.

We wrote out our Battle Plans,and the game commenced,with Brian advancing to take out our flanks,whilst he advanced slowly with his Guard regiments.Allan and I had opted for a defensive game,hoping to stall the French,and then counter-attack!!

This first photo shows the Prussians moving into position before the game started,the Austrians are to my left.

Again,this is before the game started,the French are moving to both flanks,whilst the Guard is massing in the background.

This is a shot of the whole Austro-Prussian line,a good poition to be in,unless of course you are faced with Brian!!!

Before I had time to sneeze,Brian was on top of me!! I keep telling him it's not that sort of club!
The French lancers have charged my Dragoons,luckily I won the ensuing melee and drove him back,forcing his infantry into square.

Brian's cavalry in his centre rolled forward and I counter charged him,this time I was beaten and forced back,swings and roundabouts!!

The "dreaded" Guard advance begins,which idiot gave Brian 4 guards regiments ??This is the advance against Allan's thin line of Austrian infantry,one of which took one shot and decided that they had better go home!!

Allan's cavalry on his left are in action here,he did well and forced Brian to reinforce the melee with another unit of Dragoons,Allan then had to try and even things up by also reinforcing his side,but to no avail,he was beaten and pushed back.

In this photo you can see I have penetrated Brian !! Are you sure it's not that kind of club??
My dragoons have pushed him back,upsetting his infantry,but also putting me in a position of being cut off from support and any form of command figure,consequently I had to retreat.

French infantry and Guard are attacking Allan's line with "gusto",it was at this point that I made a fatal mis-calculation,I charged Brian's gun battery,situated on a hill to the right of this picture,but fell short,because the hill halved my movement,which left me staring into the barrels of his guns (loaded with cannister),the outcome was messy to say the least,and my Garde Du Corps cavalry were forced to retire!

My cavalry are beaten in this shot,I have been forced into square,with Allan suffering the same fate,we called it a aday,and Brian (or Mister Smug, as we call him now ) was announced the Victor, Victor Meldrew more like!!

This was a good game,good tactics,and battle plans,and once again played in the right spirit.

Roll on Thursday night.

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