Thursday, 14 February 2013

"Set to " in the Sudan.14.2.13.

Brian and I had a right old little game this morning,British vs Mahdists.
The scenario was very simple,Brian and his British had to capture a mud hut village,and I had to stop him.

This was taken before any action took place,Brian's column on the right.with the village on the left, and my infantry and cavalry stretched along the remaining length of the board.

Brian's lancers (21st) try to cross the river,without proper support,I am moving two tribes and my famous Baggara cavalry to oppose him,this was successful and after a couple of melees,Brian was driven back,and back, and back!!!

This shot shows my inf. and cavalry pushing the Lancers back,this was more than I could have hoped for,as I would soon be in a position to threaten the British centre and flank.

This is the scene from Brian's side of the board,all guns blazing away at my Haddendowah infantry,as they try to get close enough to charge the well positioned British lines,backed up by Horse artillery and a Gatling gun.

Having achieved the almost impossible,and passed my morale tests,I am moving my infantry to within a charge move,this is going to be bloody!! In the background the Lancer vs cav. and inf. melee is just coming to a conclusion,however Brian moved his Northumberland fusiliers onto my flank,and shot them!! This fine move resulted in me having to test everything in the melee,and although my cavalry was ok,the infantry had to stop for one move.

This is Brian's right flank,being sorely pressed,I managed to get all my infantry into action,against his Berkshires,Notts, and Punjabi infantry,and for a while Brian held his own (no law against that!!) but eventually my overwhelming numbers counted and he was forced back. Meanwhile,the Seaforths were treating the village defenders to right old "thrashing", and took the village,Hurrah!!

This captures the moment that the Haddendowah infantry drove back the Notts. regiment,which was the end of the British line,I was through,and able to move in any direction now,Brian could only save his guns,retire to the village (now in the capable hand of the Scots) and wait for help to come !!

The victorious Mahdist troops,mopping up!!

A moment of glory for the Seaforths,capturing the village,now defended by a handful of women,and some poor hapless roasted animals!!

This is the book I took my inspiration from,a cracking read,wonderful stuff for wargamers.

Roll on tonight when Paul, Brian and I will be having an Ancients game,using the same terrain.

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