Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Macedonians etc. vs Romans 27.2.13.

As I was feeling a bit better this morning,Brian and I decided we would have an Ancients game.
As a bit of a change we put Imperial Romans,c/w auxilliaries and Barbarian troops against a "hotch-pot" army of Macedonians,Thracians and Illyrians!!
Brian took the Romans and I took the Macedonians etc.

This first photo shows the overall set up of the table,Romans on the left,and Macedonians etc. on the right.

This is a shot of my central phalanx,which advanced in grand style towards the waiting Roman ranks.

This is the Roman centre,cohorts poised,ready to do battle against the mighty phalanx,if only I can persuade Brian to abandon his pila,I might stand a chance !!

Early moves,Brian and I both had the same plan,try to outflank with auxilliaries and Barbarians,and cavalry,hold in the centre,for as long as possible,and then sweep onto any exposed flank!! sounds simple,and it was,but with mixed fortunes along the way.

Brian's barbarians have charged my left flank,his cohorts are making headway in the centre,am I about to be undone ??

This is my right flank under pressure from a combination of arms!! This battle swung both ways for a while,and I thought I had won the flank,only to be charged by two cohorts,brought swiftly up to save the day for the Romans.

With a "flurry" of low dice scores,Brian managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,and I pushed him back along the whole of the centre,however,as we all know,the Romans are nothing if not persistent,and they fought back well.

This is a shot of my left flank,being pressurised by a bunch of hairy and wild Barbarians,whilst the Roman cavalry are putting my light cavalry to flight!!

My left flank is under pressure,my right flank is gone,and now the Roman cohorts are breaking through my centre !!

This is the final photo,with the Roman general (Brian) sending more and more troops into the fray,I had nothing left to stem the tide,and the Romans were declared the winners.
This was,once again, a great game,good tactics and battle plans,playing to the strengths of the troop types in our armies.

Roll on Thursday night,me against Paul,in a scenario devised by Brian,who will be referee.

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